Raise Your Helping Hand

“Homeless people don’t deserve your pity.. They deserve your help..”

Arm Mercy World

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Who are we?

Arm Mercy World (ARMWORLD) : A next-generation charity DeFi token with deflationary cryptocurrency that has a locked liquidity and is community backed. A 3% fee on every transaction goes to a charity wallet.

Founded by a group of cryptocurrency expert, ARMWORLD embraces Initial Dex Offering or I.D.O as a permission-less crowd funding platform to raise funds for HOMELESS FOUNDATION worldwide. Many countries will benefit from this fundraising program as this has been one of increasing concern throughout the world.

To aid Homeless Worldwide

To Help Combat Poverty

To Provide Hunger Relief


An extreme form of poverty caused by the instability of housing, inadequacy of income, healthcare and social support. Those living on the streets, sometimes referred to as “rough sleepers” and people staying temporarily in emergency shelters or hostels are called SHELTER DWELLERS

ARMWORLD Charity 1.0

We are pleased to announce our First Charity Campaign of Arm Mercy World, which to support the needy during this pandemic COVID 19.

Our CSR Director, Captain Zulhilmi (Malaysia Armed Force) led this campaign which was held on 31st August 2021 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. A total of 200 Food Aid packs were given out during this campaign.



World TOP 10 Homeless population 2020 (ref: OECD)

Although the homeless are a small share of the population in most countries, these figures still represent roughly 1.9 million people across the OECD. Among the higher reported figures, the United States report 552,830 homeless people, and Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil all report having over 100,000 homeless people in their most recent surveys.

ArmMercyWorld Ultimate GOAL




Token Structure

Total Supply

30, 000, 000 ARMWORLD

Soft Cap


Hard Cap

2000 BNB

Liquidity Locked



Binance Coin (BNB) & Wrapped BNB (WBNB)

Token Burn

6, 000, 000 (20%)

Estimated Price on Nov 2022

1 USD (MC Reach 21 Mil USD)

Pre-Sale price

0.35 USD

Launching price

0.50 USD

*Estimated at 300 USD / BNB 

Tokensale Stages

Air Drop 1.0
14 August 2021

Up to FIRST 25,000++ Holders

3% of Total Supply

900, 000 ARMWORLD

8th September 2021

Launch at PancakeSwap


25% of Total Supply

7, 500, 000 ARMWORLD


Estimated Price : 0.15 USD

25% of Total Supply

7, 500, 000 ARMWORLD


  • 25% IDO Pre-Sale

  • 20% Burn

  • 35% IEO R&D

  • 9% Fees

  • 2% Airdrop

  • 4% Marketing

  • 2% Team

  • 3% Private Sale



  • Liquidity Pool (4%)

  • Redistribution (2%)

  • Charity (3%)


  • 1.0 - Total Circulating Supply : 27,000,000 (90%)

  • 2.0 - Total Circulating Supply : 24,000,000 (80%)


▶ ARMWORLD Management Created 

▶ Shillers Team Ready 

▶ Website V1

▶ Social Media : Telegram, Twitter, FB, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok , Youtube

▶ Litepaper

▶ Roadmap

▶ Smart Contract Development

▶ Air Drop Development

▶ Airdrop 1.0

▶ DoxxTeam Members

▶ Launch ARMWORLD at PancakeSwap

▶ Token Burn 1.0 (15%)

▶ Poocoin.app & Coingecko Listing

▶ 1st Phase Marketing Campaign

▶ 1st Homeless Charity Program

▶ Audit V1

▶ Website V2

▶ 2nd Phase Marketing Campaign

▶ Bogged.Finance & Dexguru Listing

▶ 2nd Homeless Charity Program

▶ Token Burn 2.0 (15%)

▶ CEX Application for Listing

▶ ARMWORLD Mobile Apps RND

▶ ARMWORLD Exchange R&D Phase 1

▶ Audit V2

▶ Marketing Campaign Phase 3

▶ Website V3

▶ ARMWORLD DApps Launch

▶ 3rd Homeless Charity Program

▶ ARMWORLD Exchange R&D Phase 2

▶ ARMWORLD Coin Announcement

▶ Partnership Announcement

▶ Top 20 CEX Application & Listing

▶ 4th Homeless Charity Program

▶ Airdrop 2.0

▶ ARMWORLD Exchange Launched !

Our Team

Aaron M.

Aaron M.

Founder/CEO/Owner of Arm Mercy World (ARMWORLD)

9 years of experience as a CEO Private Limited Company. A fulltime Cryptocurrency System Developer, Smart Contract Programmer, Investor, Miner, Trader and HODLER since 2016

Deen D.

Deen D.

Chief Technology Officer of ARMWORLD

Vast Experienced in Blockchain and Smart Contract Programming, Engineer by profession, Leading expert of Cryptocurrency Technology for ARMWORLD

Lim W.

Lim W.

Chief Administrative Officer of ARMWORLD

Automotive Industries corporate experienced who manage the administration of ARMWORLD Project

Capt. Zulhilmi

Capt. Zulhilmi

CSR Director of ARMWORLD

An Armed Forced who experienced in search and rescue, involving in Corporate Social Responsibility of ARMWORLD

Alvien R.

Alvien R.

Chief Strategy Officer of ARMWORLD

Public Speaker and Motivator, Experienced in Network Industries who manages ARMWORLD Strategic plan

Ivan G.

Ivan G.

Project Manager of ARMWORLD

Senior Software Engineer, with experience in protocol design, mastery of programming and scripting languages. Now leading the project development of ARMWORLD

Eric K.

Eric K.

Co-Founder of ARMWORLD

CEO, Entrepreneur and Highly skilled in Corporate Business Management. Now a financier who involved in the inception of a new business dimension for ARMWORLD


What is DeFi ❓

✅ DeFi , which stands for “Decentralized Finance” are financial services with no central authority. It involves taking traditional elements of the financial system and replacing the middleman with a smart contract.

What is IDO ❓

✅ An initial DEX offering or IDO refers to the launching of a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange (DEX). In an IDO, a blockchain project makes a coin’s first public debut on a DEX in order to raise funding from retail investors.

What is ARMWORLD ❓

✅ Arm Mercy World (ARMWORLD) : A next-generation charity DeFi token with deflationary cryptocurrency that has a locked liquidity and is community backed. A 3% fee on every transaction goes to a charity wallet.

When is the ARMWORLD Pre-Sale ❓

✅ ARMWORLD will launch the Pre-Sale on 8th until 11st September 2021

How do we protect Pump and Dump culture? ❓

✅ We have an anti whale system, where min purchase during the Pre-Sale is 0.2 BNB and max purchase 30 BNB to avoid huge dump so to have a healthy chart. After the launch, the token limit of the holder should less than 1%.


✅ Mr Aaron M. is the co founder of this project and behind the team consist of 3 other fantastic persons, Mr Deen is the Technical Chief, Mr Lim as the Administration Chief and Mr Alvien as the Marketing Chief.

ARMWORLD Contribution💡

✅ We aimed to raise funds and awareness to alleviate homelessness and to aid the marginalized community throughout the world. Our solution is to provide the adequate resources to support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Centre for Comprehensive Homeless Service.

ARMWORLD Ultimate Goal 💡

✅ To help make the world a better place for the homeless and fight poverty using cryptocurrency as a medium to raise fund and to be the first ever charity-oriented exchanger in the future.

ARMWORLD Pre-Sale Soft & Hard Cap 💡

✅ Soft cap   : 1000 BNB
✅ Hard cap  : 2000 BNB


✅ The Airdrop 1.0 will be launched on 14th August 2021. The token that will be distributed are 600, 000 ARMWORLD, equal 2% of the total supply, which will benefit the almost 25, 000++ holders. These giveaway will ends at 6th September 2021.

ARMWORLD Shilling💡

✅ ARMWORLD is organizing the SHILLING CONTEST to the public as to blast the marketing, and the best SHILLER’S will be rewarded up to 5 BNB. The contest will be ended on 6th September 2021

ARMWORLD Shilling Rewards 💡

✅ Below are the prizes for the Top 500 Shillers :

Top 1 shiller – 5.0 BNB
Top 2 shiller – 4.5 BNB
Top 3 shiller – 4.0 BNB
Top 4 shiller – 3.5 BNB
Top 5 shiller – 3.0 BNB
Top 6 shiller – 2.5 BNB
Top 7 shiller – 2.0 BNB
Top 8 shiller – 1.5 BNB
Top 9 shiller – 1.0 BNB
Top 10 shiller – 0.5 BNB

Top 11-30 shillers – 0.4 BNB
Top 31-50 shillers – 0.3 BNB
Top 51-70 shillers – 0.2 BNB
Top 71-100 shillers – 0.1 BNB

Top 101-150 shillers – 100 ARMWORLD Token

Top 1– 500 shillers – WHITELISTED!

Reach Us 💡

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    Cryptocurrencies are high risk – high reward investment. The market is volatile and significant price changes may occur in a short period of time. Invest only what you can afford to lose.